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Physical Education

CrossRoads Physical Education


Physical Education is a required eighteen-week course which consists of physical activities that expose the student to individual and team sports, fitness-related concepts, health topics/issues, and human relationships.

COVID-19 Policy Update:

  • Students will be seated 7 feet apart when seated.  
  • Students will wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after each class.  
  • Equipment will be sanaitzed between each class.  
  • Bring your own individual water bottle.  Water bottles can not be shared.  They can be refilled at water fountains. 


Susan Vaughn             476-8425

Morgan Cooke             476-8306

For more details on the course please click here: CRIS PE



Required Materials

*Locker rooms will not be used at this time.  Students will need to come to school dressed appropriately for PE.  There is no shirt color or shorts requirement.  Students will need to have athletic shoes to be "dressed out".  Students will be allowed to change into appropriate shoes before class starts.  

PE Uniforms: We sell a CrossRoads PE uniform - Shirt, Shorts, and a drawstring bag for $30.  If students want to bring their own, we require the following colors. 

Shirts: White or grey T-shirt.  Shirts can have a logo.  They do not have to be solid white or grey. 

Shorts: Black shorts.  Shorts can have a logo or stripes.  As long as the predominant color is black.  Sweatpants or wind pants are acceptable.  

Water Bottle: Not required, but highly recommended.  Make sure water bottles have a screw-on cap as they get knocked over frequently.  Please only clear liquids.  

Chromebook: Chromebooks will be used for many assignments throughout the semester.  Activity logs, written tests, fitness score collection, and other small projects.  


Written tests - 30%

Skills tests - 30%

Dress Out/Participation - 30%

Activity Log - 10%